Keyboard Shortcuts - Windows - Mac

While in your favorite Word Processing or HTML Editing Programs...

  1. Ctrl  + C

    Copy, places the selected/highlighted copy on the clipboard.

  2. Ctrl  + X

    Cut, removes the selected/highlighted copy and places it on the clipboard.

  3. Ctrl  + V

    Paste, inserts the copy on the clipboard into the area where your flashing cursorFlashing Cursoris positioned or the area you have selected/highlighted.

  4. Ctrl  +  H

    Replace, brings up the Find and Replace dialog box. Great for global find and replace routines within your Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, etc...

  5. Ctrl  + O

    Open, brings up a browse dialog and allows you to select a file to open.

  6. Ctrl  + N

    Opens a New window in Internet Explorer. In Outlook, opens a New Mail Message. In most publishing programs like Word, opens a New Document.

  7. Ctrl  + Y

    Redo last command. Many software programs offer multiple Redo's by pressing Ctrl + Y + Y + Y...

  8. Ctrl  + Z

    Undo last command. Many software programs offer multiple Undo's by pressing Ctrl + Z + Z + Z...

  9. Enter

    Creates a new Paragraph <p> (Hard Return) or what is referred to as a Hard Return. When in a form field, like a web page submittal or browser, pressing Enter will submit the text.

  10. Shift  +  Enter

    Creates a new Line Break <br> (Soft Return) or what is referred to as a Soft Return.

  11. Click

    One Click will place your curser. Two Clicks will select a word.
    Clicks will select an entire line of text.

  12. Ctrl  + A

    Select All items

  13. Ctrl  + P


  14. Ctrl  + S


  15. Ctrl  + F4

    Close a window in an application without closing the application.

  16. Alt  +  F4

    Closes the current active window. If there is no active window this opens the Shut Down dialog box.

  17. Alt  + Tab

    Displays a list of open application windows. Keeping Alt depressed and selecting Tab cycles through the list. Releasing selects the highlighted application window.

  18. Ctrl  + Right Arrow

    Navigate one word to the right in text.

  19. Ctrl  + Left Arrow

    Navigate one word to the left in text.

  20. Ctrl  + Backspace

    Delete one word to the left of the cursor


While in a Web Browser...

  1. Ctrl  + F

    Displays a Find on this page dialog box and allows you to search content on the page you are viewing in your browser. Also works for office programs.

  2. Ctrl  + T

    Opens a New tab in your browser.

  3. Ctrl  + W

    Close, will close the document currently open. For web browsers, it will close the current tab you have open. If there are no tabs, it will close the browser.

  4. Ctrl  + Shift + T

    Brings back the last tab that you closed in the browser.

  5. Ctrl  + Tab

    Next Browser Tab

  6. Ctrl  + Shift + Tab

    Previous Browser Tab

  7. Alt  + Left Arrow

    To go Back one page.

  8. Alt  + Right Arrow

    To go Forward one page.

  9. Esc

    Stop the current page from loading. Also stops animations, background sounds, etc.

  10. Shift  + Click

    While clicking hyperlink on web page, opens that link in a new browser window.

  11. End

    Go to End of page. If you are in a text-field, pressing End will take you to the end of the field.

  12. Home

    Go to Top of page. If you are in a text-field, pressing Home will take you to the beginning of the field.

Windows Keys...

  1. Windows Key 

    Displays the Start Menu.

  2. Windows Key  + D

    Minimizes all windows and shows the Desktop.

  3. Windows Key  + D

    Opens all windows and takes you right back to where you were.

  4. Windows Key  + E

    Opens a new Windows Explorer. Probably one of the hottest Windows keyboard shortcuts. This one gets a lot of hoorahs!

  5. Windows Key + F

    Displays the Find all files dialog box.

  6. Windows Key  + L

    Lock your Windows computer. Logoff in Windows Pre-XP.

  7. Windows Key  + M

    Minimizes all open windows.

  8. Windows Key + Shift + M

    Restores all previously open windows to how they were before you Minimized them.

  9. Windows Key + R

    Displays the Run command.


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