MARS Elite Certification

Time Length: Varies - 2 to 4 weeks
Customized?: Yes, according to customer
Take Home Materials: Step-by-step instructions, strings, and class materials.
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Throughout the years, Mark Tortorici has followed a rigorous process of testing, grading, and evaluating students. Those who met or exceeded the criteria passed and were certified. These certified students could find candidates using advanced sourcing methods and recruit for difficult jobs on a daily basis.

At netPolarity, Mark helped create and brand a certification program that kept to the same high standards that he felt were necessary. The program was called MARS (Master Accreditation in Recruiting and Sourcing), and has continued to run successfully. Now Mark has continued that partnership with netPolarity in order to provide certification programs to staffing professionals that are above and beyond any other.

These certification programs are not easy, nor are they meant to be. You cannot be certified in a day, or in one webinar. But if you succeed in your certification process, then you will literally be able to source or recruit for anything.

Training Description: MARS Elite is the top training certification one can achieve under our program. What can you expect from a MARS Elite certified staffing professional? MARS Elite professionals have the ability to source, find and reach ANY candidate no matter how unique or difficult the search may be. MARS Elite professionals understand every major discipline & job function in the corporate world, and can comprehend emerging new technologies.

MARS Elite professionals have a complete understanding of the recruiting process, have the ability to cold call, have negotiating abilities, know how to close candidates, and have a comprehensive knowledge of legal, HR and compliance issues that may arise during the hiring process. MARS Elite individuals are historically rated as top performers in their field and in the industry. To qualify for this certification, a candidate must meet one of the requirements below and successfully pass the final test.

• Any individual that sucessfully completes a Sourcer/Recruiter Training Program by Transform Talent Acquisition OR
• Any individual that attends and successfully passes netPolarity’s 4-week Sourcer/Recruiter Training Program OR
• Any individual that attends and successfully passes a customized corporate Sourcer/Recruiter Training Program (must include Advanced Sourcing Modules, Technology Modules, and Recruiting Modules)
• Pass the MARS Elite final test

Contact Us for more information on the certifications and training classes involved. Also view the MARS Certification page on netPolarity's website