Technical Crash Course

Time Length: Typically 1 to 3 Days
Customized?: Yes, according to customer
Take Home Materials: Step-by-step instructions, strings, and class materials provided.
Info & Pricing: Contact Us

Training Description

If you are troubled with technical terminology, baffled by countless acronyms, or dismayed by the maze of systems infrastructure, then you should take this training.

This training breaks down technical concepts that sourcers & recruiters face every day, and turns that knowledge into a tool that will be used in your company's talent acquisition strategies.

Not only do these trainings de-mystify the high-tech concepts out there, but they provide searchable solutions that increase the amount of qualified candidates for your job reqs.

Technology modules include: IC Technology • Commercial / Desktop Software Development • SDLC & SQA • Front-End Development / UI Design / User Experience • Databases & Data Services • Web Application Platforms • Networking • Network Storage • Mobile Software Development • Systems Engineering / IT Infrastructure • Virtualization / Cloud Computing

IMPORTANT: Technology concepts are difficult to understand for some, but repetition and interactive examples help the students retain the information. Longer training sessions spread out over time are better for knowledge retention. When preparing for this training, it's a very good idea to send us your own company's reqs and technologies so we can incorporate that information into the modules. This students will be able to relate to the training better that way.