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Quick Hits for Sourcing
Do you find yourself with limited time to source per week? Are you looking for ways to expand your candidate network? Are you looking for more choices? Are you tired of clicking that InMail button? Then this webinar is for you! This session is for those who want to learn about sourcing techniques that are easy to construct, but return a high yield of targeted candidates. In this session you will learn:

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Will I have enough Time? What will I Learn?
If you can fit an hour a day inbetween the interviews, meetings and phone calls, then you can do this. You can learn about reasoning behind search string construction, when to use certain words, how to create variations for your searches, and how to incorporate natural language into your Boolean strings. We're talking about doing things like:

You will learn all about these search concepts and a whole lot more! Sign up today to take this action-packed webinar.